Pretty Is . . . As Pretty Does.

May we focus on discovering

and developing


Just because one is good-looking

does not mean they are a good person.  

Physical beauty can hide 

a cold heart and a flawed character.

Physical beauty may attract us at first.

A person?s inner beauty

is what will keep our interest.

Some people are of this strange belief

that if they are attractive... they have a built-in right

to talk down and look down on others.


 One's shallow beliefs, based on their appearance, 

makes them feel entitled to be rude, abusive, unfair,

hateful, obnoxious, cruel, and offensive.

 Increasingly treating people poorly,

in our society, seems to be acceptable...

the norm. 

  When we treat people as objects,

or as invisible members of this society 

we dehumanize them.

 There is an old saying,

?Pretty is as pretty does.?

   It is a wise person who is taught

and who learns

this valuable lesson early in life.

Unfortunately, we are not teaching our children

this valuable and necessary lesson.


This type of warped behavior is playing out, possibly,

in some of the most historically damaging ways.

Pretty is as pretty does.


Not Just A Pretty Face 

Someone may have a pretty face,

but pretty is as pretty does;

the way one behaves can be, totally, unacceptable...

it is not pretty at all.


Some have argued that attractiveness

is attributed solely to outward appearances, 

while others feel that physical appearance alone

is not the sole contributor to the sum of real beauty. 


 While it may still be important to be physically attractive,

it is equally as important to convey a desirable personality.

Physical attractiveness takes a nose dive...

if one acts ugly. 

People who look good...
can lose ground

if they have foul personalities.


Beauty on the outside doesn't amount up to much,

if one's behavior doesn?t reflect the beautiful person

we can see on the outside.

   'She/he is very attractive.'


we are not, terribly, impressed

by his/her words and actions.' 

A person may be beautiful on the outside,

but still have an 'ugly' heart and/or soul. 

It is easy to be distracted by appearances

and fooled into thinking someone is better than they are.

If this happens we can miss something more beautiful

than what physically excites us.

This is why vanity is such a sin.

The beauty looked at with eyes

does not last forever.

Images can distract us from what truly matters.

 A person may be beautiful outside as well as inside,

and in order to experience them on multiple levels

one must look past what may be apparent on the outside

and experience what is in their hearts.

True, beauty opens locked doors.

Many people look for external beauty,

and they forget about the inner person.

But in the end, when the external beauty is over,

the same doors will be closed.

  We may at times hide in pretty shells,


?No object is so beautiful that,

under certain conditions,

 it will not look ugly.?

~ Oscar Wilde  

Pretty is as pretty does.  

This means that a person's unconscionable behavior

speaks louder than their appearance.


A person is only beautiful,

when their own beauty,

is reflecting on to others. 

Beauty is not in the face;

beauty is a light in the heart. 

Khalil Gibran, (1883 - 1931)

The basic character of an individual 

is much more important than looks.


   If we base our attraction to someone on physical beauty alone

then our entire relationship will be superficial 

since beauty really is only skin deep. 

  What is truly important is....

what lies beneath the surface. 


Most people would rather spend time

with someone who is sincere with a good personality.

Soooowatchadoin.gif image by rhonniepeters 

Physical attractiveness gets a boost

by a beautiful personality. 

It is beauty that captures one's attention;
personality which captures one's heart.
We should continue taking time to polish our physical beauty,
but we should also take into account the importance of 

our inner beauty. 


 We all want to look confident, polished and put together

no matter who we?re meeting or where we?re going. 


when we feel beautiful on the inside,

we feel more confident.

There is more pep in our step,

we smile more,

there?s a twinkle in our eyes,

and overall we just feel happier.


Though we travel the world over
to find the beautiful,
  we must carry it with us
or we find it not.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

What most people can agree on is that outer beauty

has to start from the inside. 

 It is more important to treat people well

than to be good-looking.

  May we learn to put our best features forward.  


Beauty is an experience,

nothing else.

It is not a fixed pattern or an arrangement of features.

It is something felt,

a glow or a communicated sense of fineness.

What ails us is that our sense of beauty

is so bruised and blunted,

we miss

all the best.

D. H. Lawrence Assorted Articles


The recipe for beauty is:

"Being ourselves"

...being true to who we are

and being honest with other people.  

Being mature, thoughtful,

compassionate toward all sentient beings, 

intelligent, polite, and charitable.

We can take this beauty recipe one step further,

by working on presenting ourselves in a way that reflects

our inner beauty.  

 When we feel beautiful on the inside,

it translates into outer and/or physical beauty.


Physical beauty fades with age,

but a warm heart and generous nature

can last a lifetime.   


 We must have less illusion

 and embrace more Soul. 


Always remember and never forget:

true beauty 

comes from within. 

 Inner Beauty

 ?Your beauty should not come from outward adornment?

instead, it should be that of your inner self?

which is of great worth in God?s sight.?

1 Peter 3:3-4

The beauty looked at with eyes does not last forever.

What counts is who we are on the inside.
  When we have a balance of inner and outer beauty,
there is no stopping us! 

When we have a balance of inner and outer beauty,

there?s no stopping us! 

When we have a balance of inner and outer beauty,

there?s no stopping us! 

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