People we choose to associate with can sometimes

generate stress in our lives by putting us in places

 and situations we do not want to be in. Peers can 

put us under pressure to do things we don't want 

to do, such as shoplifting, using drugs or alcohol, 

driving recklessly, and so forth. Peers become the

 most important group by the adolescent years, as

 youngsters struggle to discover their identities and 

the roles they want to play.

Giving in to peer pressure can lead to regret;

many people, particularly in high school and 

college, are likely to be subjected to peer pressure 

because this is the time when people want to be 

reckless to have fun.

Teenagers who choose the wrong peer groups 

could end up in a lot of trouble.

Peer pressure or influence occurs when we do 

something because we want to feel accepted 

and respected by our peers.

Peer influence can be beneficial or detrimental.

Coping with peer pressure requires striking the 

right balance between being ourselves and 

fitting in with our group.

Maintaining contact with our pre-teens and teenagers 

and building their confidence will help them 

overcome peer pressure.

Far too many parents have trained their children to 

believe that whatever the world says is vital, 

when it is not.

The most influential and inspiring foundation 

for good in a young person’s life should be God, 

their parents, and family. 

The loving and wise counsel of parents and loved 

ones will strengthen and make beautiful our moral

 character, if we listen, accept, and follow it.

It starts at home!

Sin always recruits and equips 

himself with harm and 


Sinners and misery always loves company. 

Often, when we give in to peer pressure... 

it causes us to go against our values. 

The pull of peer pressure is very strong. 

It takes real boldness to stand up and 

walk away.

Some young people want to be liked, accepted and

 included by their peers; however, nearly everyone 

ends up in a messy peer pressure situation at some 

point. No matter how wisely you choose your 

friends, or how well you think you know them,

 sooner or later you'll have to make decisions that 

are difficult and could be unpopular. It may mean 

deciding to take a stand that makes you look

uncool to your group. Trust, these situations can 

be opportunities to figure out what is right for you. 

It takes courage to stand up to peer pressure.