2023  February 17-18

All Star Karate League


1st place traditional forms

1st place traditional weapons

2nd place musical weapons

2nd place creative musical form

2023 March 4

All Star Karate League 


1st place traditional forms

Medal for World Karate Confederation 

(WKC) Qualifier

2022 Year End Award


1st place weapons

1st place forms

2nd place musical weapons

Below is Jasmine performing at: Montessori of Macon.

Jasmine Leilani's Journey to Her First Black Belt.

Jasmine Leilani Goodwin

Taekwondo is an empty-handed/unarmed combat form/technique for self-

 defense that entails the use of the whole body. It involves the skillful application 

of techniques that include: punching, jumping, kicks, blocks, dodges, parrying 

actions with hands and feet. 

Taekwondo is more than a mere physical fighting skill. It represents a way of 

thinking and a pattern of life requiring strict discipline. It is a system of training 

both the mind and the body in which great emphasis is placed on the development 

of the trainee's moral character.