Jasmine Leilani's first, middle, 

and last name each have (7) letters. 

The number SEVEN (7) 

is one of the most significant numbers

 in the Scriptures. 

In the Scriptures, seven (7) symbolizes 

completeness or perfection. 

Even the time of creation is marked 

by (7) seven: 

Seven (7) days of Creation.

In the creation story 

“God saw” 

is repeated seven (7) times.

God introduced the Number (7) Seven

 as a symbol of the completion 

of His initial creative act.

It is well known that men of different times and nations 

have associated with particular numbers

the idea of a peculiar significance and value.

It is also well known that, of all numbers, 

there is no one which has exercised 

in this way a wider influence, 

no one which has commanded in a higher degree

 the esteem and reverence of mankind, 

than the number Seven (7).

The name 'Jasmine' 

has two meanings.

*First, it is linked to Jasmine, a delicate, 

climbing vine, and aromatic flower.

The flower has a beautiful and fragrant bloom. 

It is also used in some medicines. 

Origin of the name Jasmine: 

Taken from the name of the tropical plant

 having colorful, fragrant flowers 

used in perfumes and teas. 

The word is derived from 

the Persian yasamin (jasmine).

*Second, it carries the meaning, 

'Gift from God.'

Leilani is a Hawaiian female name 

that translates to ‘Heavenly flowers’ 

from the element “Lani” (heaven, sky) 

and “Lei” (flowers, garland). 

A "lei" is the familiar Hawaiian necklace of flowers, 

shells or feathers. 

It symbolizes regard and love for the person 

to whom it is given.

Leilani also translates to 

‘Royal child of Heaven’ 

since “Lani” not only signifies the heavens skyward,

 but it also means ‘High-born, royal, aristocrat’ 

and the imagery of the “Lei” 

is often one of beloved children 

or sweethearts.

As a Hawaiian name, Leilani is pretty much 

restricted to the Hawaiian Islands, 

but has also spread to the mainland

by way of increased interest 

in and admiration of Hawaiian culture.

Quick Facts on Leilani

    •    Origin: Hawaiian

    •    Number of syllables: 3

Pronunciation: lay-LAH-nee.

Simple meaning:

Heavenly flowers; Royal child.

Last name: Goodwin

The derivation is from the personal name "Godwine",

 composed of the elements "god", 

meaning either "god" or "good", 

with the second element of "wine", 

meaning friend or protector. 

The name Goodwin creates a happy, 

versatile, and expressive nature.