Taking A Bath/Shower

Baths are enjoyable.

Whether you bathe

to clean up or to


a bath can be an

enjoyable experience.




 Have a towel, soap, and a change

of clothes ready.


  Fill the tub with water.

   Fill it until there is enough water to submerge your body  in.


 Keep in mind that the water level will rise

by way of displacement when you get in.

Choose your water temperature.

Cold baths have their appeal for

some, but most prefer to

Relax With a Hot Bath.

Get into the bath

(slowly if it's hot).




Submerge yourself only up to

your neck.

Use soap to wash yourself.


Close your eyes,

breathe deeply,

and enjoy yourself.

When done, drain your bath and dry off.


 It's important to know what you are really supposed to do

while in the shower. As obvious as it may seem, taking a

shower properly can get you cleaner and healthier. 


  1. Place dirty clothes. Place dirty clothes in the laundry basket so that they will go in the wash. Or in a place where you can get them to be put in the wash.
  2. Remove your clothes. Place your clean clothes in an area where they will not get wet. (The toilet is not the best place, as it can harbor germs.)
  3. Turn on the water to your preferred temperature. Check the position of the shower head, to be sure that water is spraying downward rather than out of the enclosure.
  4. Check the temperature frequently, and as soon as the temperature is correct, carefully step into the shower.
  5. Wet your entire body. Make sure your whole head is wet.
  6. Massage a small amount of shampoo into your scalp. You need to gently rub each part of your scalp, making sure all the strands are sudsy. Shampooing your hair is more to clean the scalp, than to clean the hair. Do not let it sit too long unless it is instructed by your specific shampoo. If you don't know check the back for instructions.
  7. Thoroughly rinse all of the shampoo out of your hair.
  8. Next, apply conditioner to the ends of hair and work your way up, and let it sit for two to three minutes.
  9. For men with full beard use a soft shampoo on your facial hair, one that doesn't have a strong scent Wash twice.
  10. Wet your washcloth well. Put a small amount of facial soap onto the washcloth and gently clean your face. Rinse all soap off thoroughly.
  11. Pour your bath soap onto your washcloth or pouf and scrub yourself all over. It is best at the hands and feet. Remember to wash behind the ears, back of the neck, and in between each toe. Make sure you are cleaning under each arm pit, and your private areas (Note: do not introduce soap or anything other than water to the vaginal area). This may embarrass you, but remember: No one can see you clean yourself in the shower. These are important areas that can make you smell bad if you do not clean daily.
  12. Rinse off the conditioner and soap, you may need to run your hands through your hair and make sure all the conditioner is rinsed out. If you do not wash out all the conditioner, this will make your hair greasy (if you have normal-oily hair).
  13. Give yourself a final rinse.
  14. Rinse the tub or shower stall so that there is no sign of your visit other than drops of water. Be sure all hairs, soap, and shower debris is washed down the drain.
  15. Turn off the water, make sure it is turned off tightly.
  16. Squeegee down the walls of your shower to prevent soap scum from building.
  17. Exit the shower. Standing on the rug or mat, gently dry your head, face, torso, abdominal area, pelvic region, legs, your private areas, and feet. If you have done this carefully, the only water should be on the shower mat or rug, not on the rest of the floor.
  18. Put your clean clothes on, starting with clean underwear, followed by clean clothes and socks or a bathrobe.                                                                                                                    
    If you are worried about getting shampoo in your eyes while rinsing out the suds, keep a washcloth nearby in the shower and close your eyes while rinsing. When you are done rinsing, get the washcloth and gently rub your eyes to make sure no soap or shampoo got in your face.
    Open your eyes carefully.
    If you want to smell fragrant, use a special shower gel.
    Some shampoos have conditioner built in with them, which is good for people that don't want to waste time conditioning or are on a tight schedule.
    If you do not wish to wash your hair, or get it wet, wear a shower cap.

    Do not use any electrical appliances in the shower! This includes hair dryers, cell phones, radios: anything with a power cord or battery should never be used in the bath or shower. If water gets on or in an electrical appliance, it can electrocute you, causing serious injury or death.
    Locking the door provides privacy, but consider that if you fall in the shower or become hurt, a locked door will delay emergency services from reaching you. If you live with people whom you trust, consider not locking the door.
    Do not start the water until any animals are clear of the shower. Cats sometimes like to sit in the shower stall, so look before starting the water.
    Be careful getting in and out of the shower so you don't slip and hurt yourself.
    When applying shampoo, conditioner, or facial soap, take care not to get soap into either of your eyes, as it would be painful.

    Things You'll Need
    Facial soap
    Body sponge/brush/wet pouf
    Floor mat
    Clean clothes
    Bathrobe (optional)
    A comb or brush (optional)
    Body lotion to keep the skin smooth after you shower (optional)
        1.    Brush your hair before you get in the shower. Brushing before you get into the shower will stop drain cloggage.
        2.    When applying shampoo, first apply a small amount to the scalp, and massage thoroughly. Do not worry about your hair. Just the scalp. Rinse and repeat. Then, get a waterproof brush, wet it a bit, and put double the amount of shampoo you put on your scalp on the brush. Make sure your hair is still wet, then turn off the water and start brushing your hair with the brush. Once your hair is thoroughly lathered in soap, and you don't feel any knots, turn the water back on and wash it out (turning the water off is optional, but it sure is good for the environment).
        3.    When applying conditioner, wash off your brush, wet your hair once again, and apply a small amount of conditioner onto your brush. Make sure your hair is soaking wet. Turn off the water and brush your hair thoroughly with the conditioner filled brush. After a minute or two, you'll notice your hair feels like butter. At this point, wipe the conditioner off your brush, and with your finger, apply it to your comb. Comb your hair with the conditioner in it thoroughly (When combing, start at the ends of your hair and slowly work your way up)(Do not tease hair). Once you are satisfied with your hair, brush your hair over your face, and starting from the scalp, brush a long lock of hair all the way to the tip of the hair (which should be at least to your nose). Separate the hair into two parts, and create a part in your hair. Brush out. Turn the water on once again and wash most of the conditioner out.
        4.    Enjoy!

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