Beauty Starts From Within

Physical exercise has some value,

but Spiritual exercise is much more important,

for it promises a reward in both this life and the next.

1 Timothy 4:8

Outer beauty is only skin deep.

Some people are outwardly very beautiful,

but the inner person can sometimes be very ugly.

A beautiful face without a beautiful heart is like a

beautifully wrapped empty box...

 there is nothing inside, but cold, dark, emptiness.

Let us be reminded...

external beauty is only a part of the whole package, and

without a beautiful heart and spirit, the external beauty

means very little.

Inner beauty comes from growth of consciousness,

and the inner light radiates from the inside out. 
Outer beauty is a temporary and fleeting

illusion. Outer beauty can be used to gain instant and

temporary gratification in the physical realm, but inner

beauty enables the person who possesses

it to enjoy permanent contentment in the physical,
mental, and spiritual realms.
People are notorious for judging one on the basis of appearance,
but God critiques the heart.
What most people can agree on is that
outer beauty has to start from the inside.

Our society, especially in our media outlets,
continue to define beauty as what appears on the surface.
It's not about the lines on the face,
it's about the wisdom behind them..

 These narrow, superficial terms and superficial images
 are creating the worst possible definition of real beauty. 

Over glamorization, especially since photo shop,
 in media and entertainment
 is leading to numerous problems
related to confidence and self-esteem issues.

Photoshopped To Fit

Today's Beauty Standards

Some have argued that attractiveness

is attributed solely to outward appearances;

however, looks can be very misleading.

Physical appearance alone is not the sole contributor

to the sum of real beauty.

We are so much more than what meets the eye.

The beauty looked at with eyes does not last forever. 

The physical and material are nothing but illusions.

Society creates a beauty industry that is a size 4,

blonde, blue eyes, with olive skin.

The reality is... we are all sizes, shapes, and colors

and without a doubt... beauty is within every one of us.

Some have been programmed,

by the media, and the beauty industry,

that shallow, naturally impossible surface beauty

created by surgery, lighting, and photo-shop remodeling

is the beauty which we should strive for,

but the truth is...

 surface beauty is an illusion,

it is not real.

For both genders...

if external beauty is the substance of our relationships,

then better to let them go. 

This is shallow, shallow, shallow.

There is usually so much more to a person and/or situation
than what we can see
on the outside.

What we see... what is so obvious...

is not always what we're getting.

The person or situation could be more complex,

more interesting, or more meaningful

than it would appear at first glance.

The beauty looked at with eyes is temporal...

it does not last.

One's inner beauty

is what will keep the right one interested.

 It would behoove us to read the whole book

and even then...

we might not know the whole story.

Real beauty goes beyond the physical and the material.
It is what is within our heart that radiates from us.

While our opinions are strongly influenced by one's occupation,
 and social status, God never determines beauty
by social rank or life circumstances.
When we speak of the so-called beautiful people,
 rarely do we mean those who are struggling to survive,
 who make their living by menial jobs,
or who come from "The hood."
In contrast,
God never notices those things
when He considers beauty in people.
God sees great beauty in the soul
 that trusts like Noah, yielding total control to God,
or like Moses, the man of meekness,
or like David, doing God's will,
and reverencing God, like Daniel.
 Recognizing the qualities
God has cherished in the lives of other people
 is one way to determine His concept of beauty.
While all these people were beautiful to God,
virtually nothing is known about their physical appearance.
 It was not their physique or stateliness,
 but their faith and service that made them beautiful.

It is what is within our hearts
we project to the world as who we are. 
There is usually so much more to a person
 and/or situation
than what we can see
on the outside.

All of our true beauty is within.
True beauty starts deep within our spirit.
Even those blessed with
all the "Right" physical attributes
can be great spiritual disappointments
if they lack the internal depths
to support their genetic looks. 

It is also possible to be an unknown in society

and be radiantly beautiful in God's eyes.

Our inner beauty greatly influences...
and is of more importance
than our earthly shells will ever be.
It's been said, that we should know first
 who we are and then adorn... accordingly.
Once we can uncover the true self,

perhaps for the rest of our lives

we will be unwilling to settle for less.

It's what's on the inside that counts!

God never uses one's outward physical appearance

to determine beauty.

When Samuel examined Jesse's sons

in search of the next king of Israel,

he was impressed with Eliab's appearance.

God told Samuel:

"Do not consider his appearance or his height,

for I have rejected him."

God does not look at the things man looks at.

"Man looks at the outward appearance,

but God looks at the heart."

(1 Samuel 16:7)

God looks upon the inner beauty,

the beauty of one's heart.

When we allow ourselves to see the true beauty of the world,

and the true beauty in the people around us,

we begin to feel the beauty and pure love in our hearts.

We need only allow ourselves to see the beauty around us,
 and the process begins.
Think about it:
God uniquely and lovingly created each of us.
Everything that we truly desire... we already are.

It is up to us to turn within
and unveil the brilliance.

 The real beauty secret is
when we are lit up from the inside.

Peter is not prohibiting nice clothes or nice hairstyles;
 he is simply saying that a gentle and quiet spirit
 is even more beautiful in God's eyes.

Our beauty really does come from within,
and we don't need to throw our beauty routines to the wind
in order to let our Real Beauty

As we go within, searching for Spiritual growth,
we begin to blossom on the

Our pure love that has grown within us...
this is what we
This illumination can transform our looks more effectively

than any worldly beauty makeover.

Each person is uniquely fashioned. We

don't have to ever be jealous of what others

have, because their assignment is

tailor-made for them, just like ours is for us.

True power and potential is within each of us.

Understanding our uniqueness is  a

liberating experience.

It frees us to be who God created us to be!

There is more in each of us than we know.

We can live powerfully from our innermost selves.

True beauty starts from within.

As we allow the pure love and beauty to

radiate from within us, we begin to attract

pure love and beauty to us, which in turn

increases the pure love and beauty within us

and all around us.

May we begin to focus on the things that

really define our beauty.

 Whenever we have a humble attitude in life,

the attitude of letting go of our pride, fear and desire,

we open ourselves to the inflow and output

of unselfish love and inner tranquility.

By remaining in this state of humility and unselfish love

we will thus remain in communion with our Inner Being.

 God-consciousness, self-confidence

and self-esteem

instill the foundation of inner beauty.

As we completely realize our true power,

we will find ourselves actualizing our potential

and living life with more confidence.

We search "Out there" for the answers,
but the truth of the matter is...
we must look within.
On the inside we will find that we were born to overcome!

  peacefromwithinvs1.jpg God within image by alexandpaloma

By taking stock of these very essential elements,
we can work toward the light that glows from within.

May we always remember and never forget:

All of our true beauty is within us.

"The Kingdom of God is within us."

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