Producer/ Editor/ VoiceOver Talent/ Artist Development Coach

Carole C. Good - is a freelance video producer, commercial scriptwriter, voice-over talent, videographer and editor. Being a visual communicator and creative professional Carole has been able to produce material for a variety of broadcast outlets.

Her creative imaging, editing, sequencing footage, scene composition, and scriptwriting are integrated into marketable digital concepts. She has produced, directed, and edited television commercials, public service announcements, talk shows, and life stories for broadcast television, websites, radio, and print media.

Carole has attended and completed numerous workshops and seminars in communications, acting, film, television, improvisation, auditioning, makeup artistry, color analysis and cold reading techniques. 

Carole is a graduate of Barbizon School of Modeling, and a certified modeling instructor through Barbizon. She has pursued studies in the Arts with the Alliance Theater School in Atlanta, Georgia, Faces International of Hollywood, California, and Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Carole majored in Advertising and Marketing Communication at Wesleyan College.


Carole's experience and background includes: 11½ years in Fulton County Government Administration, modeling, acting, technical television and radio broadcasting, along with many other creative stage productions.


Carole founded and directed Elorac Modeling Entourage in Atlanta. She also managed Not-2-B-4Got10 Hip-Hop Dance Troupe in Atlanta. Carole conducts Self-Esteem, Personal Development and Artist Development Workshops in Elementary Schools, High Schools, Housing and Community Centers, and Continuing Education venues... to name a few. These workshops teach participants the basic principles of professional conduct on and off camera, as well as, basic etiquette. More than anything, she desires to inspire our youth to reach higher, dig deeper, dream of doing and being more.


Carole worked in radio at WMLD/WERD, for James Brown Enterprises in Atlanta. She served as Moderator for Peaceful Solutions in Macon, Georgia. Carole produced and edited "Let's Talk Real Estate" talk show and television commercials for the UPN affiliate and CBN in Macon, Georgia. She hosted a radio talk show, Think About It, on WIGO in Atlanta. She hosted "The Carole Good Show" on WBML Christian radio and hosted many "Unique Discoveries" TV infomercials with Cox Cablerep in Macon, Georgia. She worked in productions at J93.3 The Joy FM in Atlanta as a voice-over talent and radio commercial scriptwriter. Other radio affiliations: WTJH (15 minute Inspirational Commentary) and WATB, Gospel Show Host in Atlanta.


Carole is a well rounded, mature, content conscious, professional with over two decades in TV production, radio, and stage productions. She delights in creative endeavors, i.e., videography, photography, and writing. She enjoys listening to beautiful music, reading edifying books, and traveling. 


Carole is currently hosting two websites: and

 Both websites freely share insights and give positive assistance in the Spiritual quest of all sentient beings. It is Carole's prayer that all website visitors will carry away...

all of the inspiration, motivation, edification, and education they can hold,

and return again for more!


Carole's desire is to cultivate vision, healing, and extraordinary living around the world.

 What Carole has prayerfully received, she is humbly and prayerfully giving...




Carole is sharing her creativity, energy, and intelligence

to be a divine blessing to others.



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