Call MeCell Phone Etiquette

Concentration is one of the most challenging things for us to do

while talking on a cell phone.


  What on earth did we do when mobile phones

 were not a part of our everyday life?


How does it feel to be off the phone

and connecting with others? 


Is basic respect and kindness

slowly eroding?



The universe will not come to an end if we hang up the phone or don't answer it at all. 


Cell phone in one hand, land line in the other,

conversation going on with a person in the room at the same time

has become the norm for some.

Cell phones now ring at funerals, in libraries, hospital ICU units,  job

interviews and during surgical procedures.

No event is immune.  

For the love of humankind, we need to get off of our cell phones...

use our common sense and remain polite in a human society.

We must return to showing basic respect to the people who are

standing or sitting near or in front of us.  

Nobody knows who these people are talking to...

or when to answer.

Pepper No phone conversation is so important as to justify rudeness.

Cell phone addicts are blurting out steady streams of shocking and confidential revelations. Who needs to know all the intimate and creepy things we're now forced to overhear? It is rude to talk on the phone with unseen individuals while ignoring or gesturing to people right in front of us.


Being on a cell while "engaged" with someone else is disrespectful.

It corrupts the most basic of common courtesies.

Far too many cell phone users are interrupting anyone and anything

with loud nonsense. Their little fingers obsessively pushing buttons

with what?s left of their attention spans constantly distracted by

various bells, whistles, and bright colors on tiny screens. This

ridiculous need to be in touch with all people at all times is getting out

of hand, and while one may think they are staying more connected

with each other, they are in fact treating those closest to them like



It is also disrespectful to the person that the offender

is on the phone with. 

Aside from overbearing conversations,


obnoxious ringtones 

provide regular disruptions.


 Some regard their cell phones as a social lifeline 

that is as important, to them, as oxygen.

Attention means focus.

Chance takers are accident makers.

 Be alert--accidents hurt. 

What is it about cell phones that leads people

to leave all courtesy behind? 

    Top Ten Most Annoying

 Cell Phonecell phone ringing animated gif

Practices and Remedies are: 


1. The Misdeed: People talking at a volume that's loud enough for
everyone around them to hear.
 Your conversation is really not interesting to others,
even if you are name dropping...
other people simply aren't interested. 
 Ringing Cell Phone Gifs ImagesThe Antidote: Try finding a more appropriate location 
to have your personal conversations.
Cell phones have sensitive microphones that can pick up a very soft voice while blocking out ambient noise. Yelling into a cell phone is not necessary.

When people are nearby, be considerate and keep your voice low, your tone unemotional and even, and your conversation private. Arguing or airing dirty laundry in public is very poor cell phone etiquette. 
Maintain a distance of at least 10-feet (3 meters) from the nearest person when talking on a cell phone.
No matter how quietly you speak, if standing too close to others they are forced to overhear your personal business. 
Keep public conversations brief and get back to the caller when you're not in a public place.
2. The Misdeed: People who shout their musical preferences
through their ringtones.
 Ringing Cell Phone Gifs ImagesThe Antidote: Consider your environment and adjust the
volume of your ringer accordingly.
3. The Misdeed: People that use their cell phones at the dinner table
... eating and talking at the same time!
 Ringing Cell Phone Gifs ImagesThe Antidote: If you need to take the call, consider leaving
the table and finding a more suitable area to have your conversation.
4. The Misdeed: Users' worst cell phone habit is
having loud conversations in public.  
Cell phones have led some to utter laziness.
 They have lost awareness of themselves,
others and their surroundings.  
People with their speaker volumes turned up,
or having conversations in public through their speakerphones.
People are defining new rules and new behavior
for what's personal and what's private. 
Ringing Cell Phone Gifs ImagesThe Antidote: Be courteous to those around you
by adjusting your speaker volume and only using your speakerphone
at home or in your private office. 

5. The Misdeed: People that are constantly texting or talking--
during concerts, meetings, meals, etc.
That's just rude ...
The ambiance of restaurants and cafes must now compete with
ringing phones and one-sided conversations.
Distraction is another problem.
Check yourself
before you wreck yourself. 
Don?t underestimate
how distracted you are. 
Ringing Cell Phone Gifs ImagesThe Antidote: Intimate public settings such as restaurants, public restrooms, waiting rooms, hallways, buses, subways or anywhere a private conversation is not possible is a bad place for a cell phone conversation.
To practice good cell phone etiquette, put the ringer on
vibrate or silent mode and let the call roll over to voice mail.
If that's not possible and you must take the call, step outside or to a
secluded area to return the call.
Keep your voice low and the
conversation brief. Let the caller know you'll get back to them when
you're able. If you absolutely cannot wait to generate
or reply to a text, politely excuse yourself  
from whatever you are doing 
before texting. 
6. The Misdeed: People that are talking on the phone
in the check-out line when they should be paying
and collecting their things. 
Those people waiting behind you are there for a reason.

 It is the height of bad manners,

for someone to continue speaking on their phone

 pointing and gesturing at what they want...  

while a store employee is attempting to assist them.


It is incredibly disrespectful

when people are talking on their cell phones

while someone else is interacting with them.

It is truly RUDE, as well as, insulting to both the
person behind the counter and the person on the phone that the 

offender can't give either party their undivided attention.  

Whether it be at the grocery store, the dentist office, anything...

it's just plain rude.
We should never complete a service transaction
while on the the phone -
it is just wrong on so many levels.
It is also rude to the people in line - 
as it always slows things down.

Surely if a call was that important, 

a trip to the store, etc., could wait.

The Antidote: It would be better to put the phone down,
complete the transaction, and then get
back to the call at a more convenient time. 
When it is your turn, put the cell phone away.
If you must continue your conversation,
consider letting others skip ahead in line. 
 man in grocery line
The real measure of our character
is not how we treat those who have power over us
but rather how we treat those who serve us. 
7. The Misdeed: People that let their cell phones ring,
rather than answer or silence them.
No one wants to hear your phone ringing.
 Ringing Cell Phone Gifs ImagesThe Antidote: Have your cell phone in a convenient place
where you can answer it quickly, instead of in a deep pocket
or at the bottom of a handbag. 
8. The Misdeed:  Drivers talking on phones make last minute decisions or miss what's going on entirely, causing unnecessary delays for the motorists stuck behind them,
or worse, traffic accidents.

 Ringing Cell Phone Gifs Images The Antidote: Multitasking isn't always a good thing.
Some evidence shows that accidents are on the rise
due to cell phone use. 
To read statistics associated with texting while driving, and other state laws,
Most calls can wait until you've reached your destination, and if a call is upsetting or distracting pull over to have the conversation.
Avoid the worst. Put safety first. 

Danger never takes a vacation. 
Be considerate of those around you.
It is better to lose one minute in life...
than to lose life in a minute. 
 Broken tools can be replaced.
You can't.
Drive Now,
Talk Later.
If you must take or make that call
and cannot pull out of traffic...
Make safety first
and you'll last.  

9. The Misdeed: People talking, texting
or hunting through their contacts
while walking or running.
A great way to multitask,
but be careful who or what you bump into!
 Ringing Cell Phone Gifs ImagesThe Antidote: Before texting or searching through your
phone, consider stopping and stepping aside instead of walking.

10. The Misdeed: People that take calls in public bathroom stalls.

Restrooms are for taking care of business, not taking calls.

The Antidote: Just don't do this. 

See full size image

Restrooms are places for the masses. 

They are places where different cultures, generations,

and economic backgrounds come together as equals

with one mission in mind?relief. 

 The noises in a public restroom

should be limited to the following: 

bodily emissions, flushes, the crumpling of paper towels,

running water, the pushing of the soap dispenser,

the sound of toilet paper being unrolled,

and the running of the automatic hand dryer?that?s it.


 It's rude to take a cell phone call on a date or during a social engagement with others. It's also inconsiderate to take a call in the middle of a conversation. If the caller were present he or she would likely wait to politely interrupt at a more appropriate time. Let the call roll to voice mail and return it later.

  Use Common Sense.

Turn off your phone before a job interview, presentation, or boardroom meeting. Leave it off at funerals, weddings, or anyplace a quiet atmosphere is mandated, such as a courthouse, library, movie, museum, or place of worship. 


  Some have become so caught up with themselves and their life

that they don't realize what they are doing-

 Our technologies should be used to help us,

not to take over our lives. 









Safety isn't expensive--
it's priceless.

Aside from overbearing conversations, obnoxious ringtones provide regular disruptions. The ambiance of restaurants and cafes must now compete with ringing phones and one-sided conversations. Distraction is another problem.  



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